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Making The Environment Work For Your Business

Welcome to Sustainability & Environmental Management Solutions

An independent consultant offering full Sustainability and Environmental Management Solutions for your business. Operating in the South West and South Wales area.  Whether you need strategic advice, assistance in implementing environmental and energy management systems or fresh eyes for an audit.  SEM Solutions can provide you with the support that you need.

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I am a Chartered environmental professional with experience in delivering environmental strategy and operational initiatives that add value to businesses.  These include reduced costs, reputational benefits and operational resilience.  I can assist in identifying your organisational environmental risks and opportunities.  As well as support with the implementation of appropriate systems to ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation.   SEM Solutions  work with you to develop innovative solutions that deliver improved environmental performance.  We also provide IEMA approved training to enhance environmental awareness throughout your organisation. 

I possess experience in both the private and public sector including; healthcare, defence, education, catering, facilities management, waste management, retail and banking.  I have strong leadership skills that result in effective change management and help develop the best results for your business.

The map outlines the locations I cover, but if you're just outside this area please call to discuss your requirements.



Environmental and Energy Management Systems

Environmental and Energy Management Systems assist in the assessment and mitigation of your business environmental risks and compliance obligations.  Advice and support is provided on the implementation of both ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.  From a system review, advice on operational procedures or implementation of a full system please contact me to discuss your needs.

Sustainability and Environmental Strategy

Sustainability and Environmental Strategy

SEM Solutions orchestrates a collaborative approach to incorporate sustainability into the heart of your business strategy.  This takes into consideration environmental impacts and opportunities including those associated with stakeholders both upstream and downstream.  As the climate is changing so does the need to enhance your business performance and sustain future growth.

Waste management and minimisation

Waste Management and Minimisation

Waste is viewed as a resource.  Assessing how waste can be minimised, re-used and ensure that the best processes are in place for any residual streams.  This often provides operational and cost efficiencies.   Extensive experience held in the management of healthcare waste.



A full range of environmental and waste audits are available from a qualified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor.  Also provide waste audits, pre-acceptance audits for healthcare waste and duty of care audits for waste contractors.

Training and Awareness

Training and Awareness

Training and awareness programmes can be designed to suit your organisations business needs.  We can provide the CIWM Waste Smart Training or design bespoke environmental training to suit your needs.  We are also able to assist in the creation of energy and environmental awareness campaigns.

Sustainable Catering

Sustainable Catering

We will help you assess how you can reduce the impact from your catering service or restaurant.  We can advise on standards that will help you reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain and improve animal welfare.  We consider the consumables used to the food waste at the end of the service.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

Commencing with how you monitor and measure your carbon footprint.  The provision of practical advice as to how you can reduce your carbon emissions via the use of more sustainable transport, energy and supply chain management.  We are also able to assist with the implementation of formal carbon standards or  your own bespoke internal procedures to enable you to reduce your carbon emissions.   


Tania has successfully devised and implemented an Environmental Strategy for ISS.  She holds a wide depth of knowledge around environmental legislation and best practice. Tania has ensured that our environmental processes have incorporated this across the business.  This has been supported by the design and implementation of revised environmental training, a review of our environmental management system and the implementation of ISO 50001.  Tania formed the Sustainable Catering Group to ensure one of our key services operates sustainably, looking at issues from sustainability in the food supply chain to how our catering staff physically operate in the kitchen to reduce food waste, water and energy use in day to day operations.
Tim Proctor – Director of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Corporate Responsibility, ISS UK Ltd

Tania possesses extensive knowledge around the management of healthcare waste. She was able to review our Waste Policy and put in place a training and audit schedule to support the implementation process.  This resulted in significant cost savings, improved compliance with waste management legislation and a positive impact in deriving a resource from our waste streams.
Jenni Doman – General Manager – Estates and Facilities, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

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